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The Rules

Be excellent to each other!

0. Mod Discretion

All mod decisions are made by a group of moderators and all actions are up to mod discretion. This means that although something may not be completely covered by the wording of the rules, it does not in itself make it acceptable or appropriate. Any discussion about moderator actions should be taken to the DMs of the relevant staff member.

1. Be Kind

Patch Gaming is a community of people that care for each other. Our members are encouraged to be tolerant, polite, and patient in their communication with other members. If you can't say anything nice, don't say anything at all.

2. Respect

Please respect all members of the Patch Gaming community and abroad. Do not harass, blackmail, bait, target or provoke others. Don’t start arguments but instead, keep any discussion respectful and civil. Respect people’s boundaries, opinions, and beliefs. Similarly, do not use your own boundaries, opinions, and beliefs as a reason to disrespect others.

3. Privacy

Part of Patch Gaming’s commitment to helping is providing them a place where they can safely and securely talk about their problems. - Any form of data collection and logging is not allowed. Don’t share screenshots from private messages in public. If you want to report something that took place in DM, send it to a moderator directly instead. Don’t share screenshots of the Patch Gaming Discord server that contain personal or sensitive information with anyone outside the Patch Gaming discord server, including private messages.


Disclaimer: Patch Gaming is a public server and anything you post is posted publicly. Do not share anything that you wouldn’t want to be spread outside the server, while we do all we can to protect against sharing of information sent in the server, we cannot guarantee your privacy.

4. Staff Members

Staff member are human too, and we all face our own hardships. Because of this, we can’t always guarantee an instant response to everything. Please keep the usage of bulk tags to a minimum. If you have something that needs addressing, DM the relevant staff member. We are all volunteers, and we’ll always try our best to get around to addressing your concerns in a timely manner.

5. Maturity

This community enforces the Discord Terms of Service. Mental health discussion requires a level of maturity. As such, we require users to be at least 13 years of age.

6. Use of Language

Explicit language is acceptable if the discussion is relevant, mature, and respectful. It is never okay to use explicit language, slurs or insults against another person in our community. Discrimination of any kind is never allowed.

7. Spam and Bots

Don’t spam in any of the chat rooms. Bot spam in the-tree-branch is fine. However abusing the bots is forbidden. Do not purposely try and break or crash the bots. What is Spam:

  • Irrelevant pictures (including but not limited to reaction gifs/images).

  • Anything not contributive to discussion.

  • Repeat Messages 

  • Unnecessary use of pings/@’s.

  • Chat Disrupting Messages.

  • Use of a bots in any channel not acceptable for bots.

  • Advertising without Admin permission and advertising while doing any of the above even with Admin permission.

8. Pictures

Please stick to posting images to the appropriate channels. Memes, random links and imagery unrelated to current conversation are restricted to dank-memes. If you’re posting a loud or shocking meme, please add a warning message. This is to make sure everyone can enjoy their memes without getting startled. Keep your selfies tasteful. No gore or porn. Nudity is permitted in the form of tasteful art. If you're unsure whether your post is appropriate, ask a mod

9. Advertisements

Advertising any Discord servers, groups, communities, YouTube channels, game servers etc is not allowed without permission from the Administration Team. If you want to advertise your Twitch channel, apply for the we-are-live channel by asking an Event Producer. No soliciting or begging. Similarly, do not invite bots onto the server without permission from the Administration Team. While we encourage you to share Patch with your friends, we kindly ask that you do not advertise Patch in large servers without first asking permission from an admin. We always welcome new members with open arms, but the well-being of our staff is important to us, and having notice about an influx of users is essential.

10. NSFW Content

No cybersex, porn, sexual roleplay, media of people engaging in sexual acts, soliciting for it, etc. Save it for private messages. Keep public discussion safe for work. No otherwise sexually charged messages in any of our public channels.

11. Voice Chats

​All conversations that are within the rules of Patch are acceptable, if something deviates from the rules and enters a grey area, you can self-moderate or leave the channel. Self-moderating is taking responsibility of the conversational themes you’re comfortable with, but if the deviations from the rule become extreme, please contact a mod. Even with this rule, one person cannot define what is acceptable within the group. Please be inclusive, and respectful of people's needs and boundaries. The Library (Quiet) is a quiet voice channel for people that want minimal noise. Please keep a quiet voice in the library.

12. Avoid Politics

Political memes and discussion are not allowed in PatchGaming, however; political discussion is allowed in the politics channel. It can be hard to determine what is and isn't political, so mod discretion is on a case-by-case basis. We welcome everyone to the politics channel, but you need to be comfortable with your views being challenged. The politics channel can be accessed by sending the >letsgetpolitical command to @Leaf.

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