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Patch Gaming's goal is to create an inviting online space that provides an outlet for all of its members to express themselves, be accepted, and reduce stigma towards mental health. We do this with a focus on games that people can play together, and to connect people with like-minded individuals who are experiencing similar things!

We're all about inclusivity, support, and we welcome people from all walks of life. Join us on
Discord, we're always up for a chat!


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Discord is our friend

Discord is the main platform we use to communicate, and where all the fun happens!

Patch Gaming is an official Discord Partnered server, and we currently have about 4000 members, but we're always growing!

We host regular events and have plenty of voice and text channels covering a range of different topics. We also have specific channels where you can reach out for someone to talk to in times when you're not feeling great.

You can join us by clicking this following link:

Or simply by writing “patchgaming” in the join server option on Discord.


When you join the server, you should receive a message from our bot called Leaf, it will provide you with instructions on how to access the rest of the server. We look forward to seeing you there!


Need information? You’ll find most of it here!

Interested in becoming a staff member at Patch? Check out the "staff resources" page!

In the rare chance you can't find the answer to your question, feel free to message one of the admins on Discord, we're always happy to help.


The love of care for others

Our community is 100% volunteer run 

Patch Gaming's staff all volunteer their time to make our game servers a reality, and we rely on donations to keep our server running effectively. The money we receive from donations is used to help cover costs for our server, and to cover general expenses like commissioning artists!


All donations over $10 USD will give you a special role on Discord, send a screenshot of your receipt to one of the admins and we'll assign the role to you!


A little Of Our World In Your Hands

Patch sells a variety of cool items on our merch store and all the profits go directly back into the community!


Want to chat a little?

For general enquiries about anything to do with Patch Gaming, the best thing to do is contact one of the Administrators on Discord.

Have complaints or feedback?

You can use this form. If you would like a response back, please include your discord username.

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